Gamma Scintillation Testing Service

Gamma Survey and Scintillation Testing

Flawed offer Gamma Scintillation Testing and surveys inline with many customer specifications but also to AESS 6067 and TCSC 1056.Items can be tested at our facility in our custom designed x-ray / radiation compounds.We can also attend your facility and undertake testing of large heavy items.Transport of Radioactive Material is a highly governed and restricted process. Flawed have suitable permits in place to ensure a range of Sealed Sources can be used to test the integrity of your shielded packages.We can prove the integrity of all of your shielded components regardless of the shielding material. This might be Steel, Lead, Concrete or even depleted uranium.We will have a solution to suit.

Shielding Integrity Testing of Radioactive Material Transport Packaging

We work in all different market from civil nuclear to defence.Using Gamma Scintillation testing we can prove the integrity of your shielded products ensuring items are fit for transport around the world.

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